Dealing with it When the Flush Sets In January 21 2015

If you flush after drinking alcohol, you might have to occasionally deal with the discomfort of it at the worst possible time. When people meet up at a club, show up for a party or otherwise initiate their festivities, the excitement of all being together and having a few drinks tends to make people loud and boisterous.

Meanwhile, a percentage of those people will be feeling overheated, have a heart rate that makes them feel like they just finished a work out and have a face that is sometimes embarrassingly red. Of course, the vast majority of the people who will be in the situation are Asian, though people of other races do suffer from this condition in much smaller numbers.

Though it’s called Asian flush, it has got to do with how your body breaks down – or doesn’t break down, actually – alcohol and there are some things you can do to alleviate it a bit.

First, Back Off

If you start flushing, you do have a decision to make if you want to be a responsible drinker. You can decide whether or not this means you’ve hit your limit for the evening already – no matter how soon it came – or that it will pass and you’re going to have another drink or two, which might be expected on some occasions.

Backing off, however, is generally the better move once you start flushing. It’s a sign that your body is already failing to break down the alcohol that you’ve consumed, so adding more isn’t going to help matters.

Go Somewhere Cool

If you can step outside, underneath an air conditioner or relocate somewhere else that’s a bit cooler than wherever you’re sitting at the time, it might help to alleviate the sense of being hot. This at least makes it more comfortable to deal with the reaction.

Head off Anxiety

Between the way your heart might be pounding already and the fact that your face is probably very noticeably red, it’s natural to get anxious about Asian flush. It’s not something to worry about and, in fact, some writers have even found humor in it.

Because alcohol is very popular in social occasions, it’s likely that most people who suffer from Asian flush are going to have to put up with it sometimes. Weddings, reunions, dates and other occasions may involve a few drinks. If you happen to get flushed after a drink or two, knowing how to deal with it can make those occasions a lot more fun.

Legal Stuff: We should remind everyone that our blog entries are for your information only and are not intended as medical advice. If you’re going to drink, do it legally and responsibly; don’t be stupid =).